WEBINAR – Don’t Play Schedule Games – Recognizing and Ending the Games We Play

Chances are good that if you’ve worked on a project, you’ve encountered a schedule game or two (or three or four). As part of a team, you’ve seen Schedule Chicken or 90% Done. If you’re a project manager, you’ve probably pushed back against We Gotta Have it; We’re Toast Without It, the Queen of Denial, We’ll Go Faster Now, or Split Focus.

Using timeboxed iterations and other agile practices can help you avoid and stop playing schedule games. But you can’t do this alone. First help your team and your management understand they are playing schedule games. Then, once they understand the games, enlist their help in solving the underlying problems that lead to the games. Even if you feel stuck―“my management can’t help; they’re part of the cause”―you can still use many of the agile practices to work your way out of the schedule games.


  • how to recognize schedule games
  • common causes of schedule games
  • how to work your way out of schedule games
  • how to talk to management about the gaming to help them stop
  • how to work with a team to work your way out of the games

YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Johanna Rothman consults, speaks, and writes on managing high-technology product development. During her decade-long consulting career, she has assisted managers, teams, and organizations become more effective by applying her pragmatic approaches to the issues of project management, risk management, and people management. She’s helped Engineering organizations, IT organizations, and startups hire technical people, manage projects, and release successful products faster. She is a sought-after speaker and teacher in the areas of project management, people management, and problem-solving.

Johanna is also the author of the highly acclaimed Hiring the Best Knowledge Workers, Techies & Nerds: The Secrets and Science of Hiring Technical People. She is the coauthor of newly released Behind Closed Doors, Secrets of Great Management.

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