Cost-Cutting Potential of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

costcut1eWEEK reports that IT Managers are interested in VDI and Server Virtualization solution benefits it can bring to an organization.  This is not surprising with the economy we are in right now.

Consider the benefits of VDI experienced by companies that have implemented it – such as:

  • reduced hardware budgets
  • slashed deployment times
  • flattened utility charges
  • reduced operational costs

  • extended equipment life
  • centralized management
  • end-user productivity improvements
  • …and don’t forget “going green”

These are real benefits I’ve seen at my clients by helping them virtualize their desktop and server environments.  Picking the right VDI solution is where the big decision comes in – your choices are…

  • Citrix Xen and VDI
  • Microsoft VDI
  • and now there is Sun’s VirtualBox

…just to mention a few of the top players in the VDI market.   Server Virtualization is a whole other list and topic.

Each VDI solution has their pro’s and con’s – and I’ve found that “piloting” a solution is the way to go – so you can experience it first hand and see if it is really the solution your organization needs.

Q:  What have your experiences with VDI been?     Is it time to investigate it yourself?

Reference:  eWEEK’s full article at